The New Year Book Tag (5 Min Read)

Happy New year everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow! We are already in 2018! It's unbelievable! 2017 brought a lot of change in my life, and while jostling with those I was whooshed into 2018! As you can understand I am not yet over with 2017, and probably that is why I am a week late to wish everybody!... Continue Reading →


The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins

It is an open secret that the book I am discussing is a thriller. The major plot of the story deals with three women: Rachael, Megan and Anna. The author skillfully presents all the three characters as protagonists: each of them narrates their own version of their tale in the first person. Rachael is an... Continue Reading →

The American dream!! ( 1 min read)

Today I had to cancel my library visit as one of my Indian neighbors wanted to visit my place in the afternoon. I couldn't decline her, in fact, I didn't want to decline her. I know that spending an entire day alone is difficult. Far away from home when you have no one to talk to,... Continue Reading →

PERFECT mornings!!!!!!!!! (4 min read)

Yesterday evening I came across a beautiful Youtube channel Pick up limes. If anyone reading this have come across the channel then please let me know what you think about it. I personally am overwhelmed to come across this channel. Sadia, the host, is so pretty and poised; her voice calm, and has the capability... Continue Reading →

Hello everybody, today I am back with a fun video on my youtube channel! It is called "I am the reader book tag". I was tagged by a fellow book tuber, Helly and I had a lot of fun filming it. Go and watch the video and do subscribe and leave your thoughts behind!!!!!!! Click... Continue Reading →

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