My life in Lansing..until now :)

the sparrows 

Days are longer in Lansing; probably because I spend day all alone. Everyday after finishing all my chores I look outside my window, keep staring at the trees, looking closely at the leaves as they change colours….ah! Fall is here! I hear the wild ducks quack all day, lazily strolling the lawn of our apartment. The squirrels scurrying through the grass make me smile; scratching the ground vigorously in search of nuts. And then there are the sparrows! Who could have thought that the chirping of these little brown birds could make me so jovial? I hardly have any visitors in Lansing. The sparrows are the only ones that visit my balcony, so I needed to give them a befitting welcome. I serve my everyday visitors with grains of rice scattered on newspapers.First there would be only one, moving to and fro the veranda, as if carefully inspecting the environment to ensure the safety of its companions. After being satisfied it calls for its mates in a full-throated voice. Soon the silence around me is filled with joyful chirps; they feed, they sing, they prance. I see them carefully through the other side of my glass. After relishing the last grain of rice, they fly away; only to return after sometime, craving for more. I serve them again..and again..and is just never enough!

All smiles I engage myself in reading books and recipes (my latest fascination). When the clock ticks 5 pm, my husband returns home. A warm hug from him re-energize me. We indulge in board games, Facebook chats and much more. Small talks, friendly fights, innocent teasing and never-ending laughter fills my evening. He understands my loneliness throughout the day and so he makes small attempts to make it up to me in the evening. At the end of the day I find solace in his arms; so when a call comes from India asking, “How are you?” my heart shrieks out with joy “I am very happy! He made me very happy”.


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  1. Hi,
    It is very nice post. So you miss India. Which country are you presently staying , from photos is some post I think it is Germany . But it is guess. If you like stamps writing there site for you it is called Postcrossing. This site gives you address of user were you can write them in postcard. I have been member of this site I have received 30 postcard from more than 10 countries. Each postcard show the life tradition of this countries.

    I hope you will like it.

    have nice day

    Gopal Sekhar


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