All’s well that ends well :)

It all started yesterday evening when I found a tub of cottage cheese in my fridge. Throughout my life I was living in the illusion that cottage cheese is equivalent to ‘paneer’; I presume that is the case with most of the Indians. Anyway, so when I opened the tub, unlike the solid object we normally find in a packet of ‘paneer’, I found a mushy substance. I realized my mistake and presumed it to be ‘chenna’: the one made from curdled milk.  So I replaced my idea of making ‘Paneer butter masala’ (an Indian delicacy) with ‘chanar dalna’ (a Bengali delicacy). So, my voyage to cook a perfect weekend dinner for my husband began. I followed the recipe strictly. I hung the cheese in neat cotton handkerchief for half an hour to let all the water out. I added flour to it and made patties, I rested them in the refrigerator for few minutes and then heated the oil to fry them. No sooner did I add them to the hot oil, the entire thing melted: I re-realized my mistake; it’s neither paneer nor chenna. The liquid-thing soon begun to boil, making a peculiar sound, as if the wok was raging against me for putting something disgusting in its belly. To torture it further I added the sautéed veggies and masala to it.
The final summary of my entire deed is that I prepared the most horrifying dish of my life; or so I thought. 
I was full of guilt while presenting the dish to my husband so I quickly prepared a normal ‘aloo dum’ and dal (cooked lentils) for him as redemption.
During dinner we sat across each other. Like a guilty prisoner I hung my head in shame. Eyes filled with water, getting ready to roll out any minute.
“Mmm…it’s good”, he said.
My heart skipped a beat! I raised my head, only to find the ‘aloo dum’ and the dal untouched. My husband had finished half of his dinner with the cheesy-veggie thing.
“What’s the dish again?”
I suppressed a laugh, “aaa….I haven’t thought of a name..yet”, I said confidently.
I felt satisfied seeing my husband relishing the dish, and I realised that there is only one ingredient that makes food magical: LOVE. 

Have you ever experienced such disaster in your life that proved to be a miracle in the end? Please let us know in the comment section below.

                                                                          See you next time




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  1. Hi there, I really likes the way you met ions about cooking. I really liked to do expirement .So every time we do cooking we create new dish. ONE Sweet I like most is Rasamali .I hope you are having nice day

    Gopal sekhar


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