It’s my birthday :*

Last Wednesday I grew a year older. I must say that the day was well spent especially for the efforts of my loving husband. We had been in a long distance relationship for four and a half years and never got the chance to make each other’s special days extra special. As far as I remember, birthdays with him was a Skype call  and an online gift. Those were indeed hard times and tested our patience to a great extent. They say “patience brings forth sweet fruits” and today I can say that my faith is restored in that old saying; as I celebrated one of the finest birthday of my entire life.

When the clock struck midnight my husband wished me “Happy Birthday” and gifted me a pretty woollen short frock from #CalvinKlein. Honestly speaking, all that I desired was to spent the entire day with him; but he had planned otherwise.



wearing my birthday gift #CalvinKlein

He had the entire day planned. He came home from his lab during the lunch hours which was unusual and took me on a date: lunch @Red lobster.

a fine dining experience #Red lobster



After having lunch and some shopping we returned home. I was so happy :). But the celebrations were not over yet. My Husband had arranged for a small get together at our place and even arranged for a cake. I felt like a little girl when my husband and his friends sang “happy birthday” for me. I was overwhelmed with joy .

So, last Wednesday I not only celebrated my birthday but also celebrated our love and togetherness. I am grateful to the Almighty for blessing me with such a loving Life Partner. What more can one wish for?


How did you celebrate your birthday last time? Please let me know through the comment section below.

                          see you next time







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