Birthdays Evolution :)

In my last post I shared with you how fabulous was my birthday this year; courtesy my darling husband. By the grace of God my birthdays always been special for me.While writing the post, I took a small trip down memory lane and realised how celebration of  my birthdays have changed over the years.Through this post I would like to thank all those wonderful people in my life who have made my birthday special over the years. This post is dedicated to them.


We live in a joint family. The birthdays of us siblings; me, my elder sister and elder cousin brother (yes,I am purposefully referring my cousin as my sibling) was a grand affair. A unique tradition prevailed during our birthdays. We got up early in the morning, had a bath and got dressed in our birthday attire. We were made to sit in our puja room on a floor mat and all the elders fell in a line to bless us according to their seniority 😀 Our grandmother used to give us a small necklace of cashew and raisins which we nibbled on during the entire process. We were blessed with durva and wheat grains, and also handed special gifts. I remember chotomoni giving me Tintin comics every year! Yes, I have the entire series back in India. My mother’s lip smacking Rice pudding was the dish of the day. This age-old tradition came to an end when we got scattered: my sister got married, brother shifted to Kolkata for his job and I moved to University life in Kolkata. Little did I know that a completely new tradition awaits me there.

#Rabindra Bharati

RBU days make me nostalgic. I know my birthday will always be special for my friends, mainly because it was on my birthday the “birthday tradition” began.


My first birthday

On the occasion of each one of us’ birthday, the arrangements were carried out discreetly so that the birthday boy/girl did not have any idea about the upcoming plan. We raised money and cake was bought from “Monginis”; no other cake would do. We gathered at any tourist spots of Kolkata and celebrate there. We spent the entire day together: all of us were away from home and so we only had each other, and perhaps that is why we made sincere efforts to feel each other special.Till today I miss those days:the joy and innocent laughter.We had been together for five long years. After completion of Masters, we followed our own paths. I was the first one to leave Kolkata behind.


The last birthday of University life 

Things changed for me after that: I fell in love,got married and finally this year it was this :


How has your birthday evolved through the years?  Please let me know through  the comment section. Unti next time….



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