Disney Land, California: A photographic journey :D


When I used to return from school, my Amma (grandmother)  waited for me with a plate of rice. My eyes were glued to the television and my mouth operated mechanically as amma fed me. My mind flew away with the magic carpet when the screen displayed the wonderful golden letters “Arabian Nights”! My entire childhood was surrounded by fairy tales, comics and cartoon network.
Years have passed but this 28 yrs old still find solace in the sensational tales of Belle, Cinderella, Moana, Elsa and Rapunzel. And what better way to celebrate Christmas than to be a part of magical world of Disney itself. I am really excited to share my remarkable experience with all of you. So lets visit the lively Disney Land:


 A visit to wonder land:

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The major attraction was the Christmas parade that made all the screen characters come alive. And the most amazing part is that each of them can be identified distinctly. Even the minor details have been handled with care. Behold the Disney princesses:

Ana 🙂
Elsa 🙂
Snow White 🙂
Tiana: Princess and the frog
Cinderella 🙂
Sleeping Beauty 🙂
Beauty and the Beast


But the highlight of the day was the evening parade; full of dazzling lights that would make you keep eyes wide open:


The light and sound show along with the magnificent fireworks added to the glitz and glamour of the evening. Toontown was full of attraction for children, giving them an opportunity to visit the house of Mickey, Minnie and Goofy, they are after all the star, aren’t they? There is Tarzan’s treehouse and also a mini story land.  

So, you are thinking that Disney is for child’s play only? Well, adults who love adventure can keep their excitement pumped up by taking a ride with Indiana Jones. Feel the thrill with Pirates of the Caribbean and also take a boat ride in jingle cruise. Drive their own ride in Autopia and also pay a visit to the haunted house.

So, my Christmas was well spent. But before I leave let me share with you 5 interesting facts about Disney Land,California:

1.  The Disneyland Monorail was the first daily operating monorail in the Western Hemisphere.


2. Walt Disney loved to interact with the visitors and sometimes even waited with them in the queue. 


3. The gold plates on the ride Small world (picture below) are made of 22 karat gold


4. It took a whole year to built Disney Land and it opened with 18 rides; 14 of which are still running today.

5. The Pirates of the Caribbean ride uses real skeletons as props. 


That is all for today folks! Please do let me know if you enjoyed the post and also let me know how did you spend the holidays. Till then goodbye and wish you a very happy new year!

SPECIAL MENTION: the credit for such lovely photographs goes to my dear husband Bankim C Mandal


8 thoughts on “Disney Land, California: A photographic journey :D

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  1. For the very 1st time I went to Disneyland (CA), I was very excited but it was not satisfying may be due to overcrowded situation and some technical malfunctions of some rides. The waiting time was too damn high. I thought my 120 bucks were a waste. But the way you describe the Disneyland, I will give an another shot for sure. The post is well described and complete enough to feel the scenario. The photography is spectacular. The work of your husband is truly appreciable.Keep it up and wish you a happy new year 🙂

    Oh yes I spent my holidays with parents and family back in India and it was really fun too. I travelled in Dubai on my way back to US. Dubai was nice.


    1. Thank u for reading. Yes, Disney land was crowded indeed and we chose to visit during Christmas so you can imagine the situation. But it was worth a visit! I would love to visit Dubai too… I have heard that it is a lovely place!


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