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How about the idea of daily blogging?? (1 min read)

Every Day is a new beginning 🙂

How about the idea of daily blogs?? I am a lazy person. Yes, I am and I have the courage to accept it! But however, if someone else points it then that makes me depressed ( So please don’t hurt my feelings!) So the basic thing that I am trying to say is that I am a person from whom you must not expect of doing daily vlogs which have gained extreme popularity on Youtube. And furthermore, I presume that my middle-class life has nothing entertaining worth of watching! But I would love to do a series of daily blogs, especially when a major part of my life is commencing towards the End! I know that I do not have much interaction with my readers on my blog, yet I would love to know what you people think of it! Please leave your thoughts at the end of the post.


P.S I shall be limiting my bookish posts to my Youtube channel and Goodreads, and shall only be sharing links to those at the end of my everyday posts!

Love, M@dhu


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