IIlish/Hilsa on Sundays!!!!!! (3min read)

ilish macher paturi
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Sundays are not always eventful. It is the most relaxing day of the week. It is the off day for me from the kitchen. On Sundays, the entire kitchen belongs to my better half. He enjoys complete off day from work on Saturdays while I do the same on Sundays. We never planned our Sunday in this manner. It is a kind of untold agreement we both signed on. Nobody taught me to be a  boss of my better half and instruct him to do his share of chores on Sundays nor did anyone advise him the same. I believe, no one can teach you to help until the desire to help resides in you. Spouses can help each other by sharing household chores as well as the cost of living, simply, the desire to help must be there,  may be in dormant form, waiting for a final push or stir, but it must be there! Just like the fact that the witches did not make Macbeth evil. Evil was always a dormant part in him, they just stirred it!


As I was saying, there never was any hard and fast rule that it is my better half’s duty to handle all the chores on Sundays. It just smoothly got incorporated in our life! And it even gets altered at times depending on mood and situations! My better half sometimes prepares dinner on weeknights when I am not in the mood, and on some Sundays, like today, I cook for us.

Today, he got Iilish/Hilsa fish from the nearby Indian store. I prepared it with mustard sauce. It was the first dish I made in my in-law’s place. That time due to some adverse circumstances, my better half missed his share. His parents were all in praise of the dish and since then he is waiting for an opportunity to taste it. And today was the day!!

So,  cooking Iilish/Hilsa fish in mustard sauce is an Indian dish extremely popular among the Bengali communities. The aroma of the dish itself makes you salivate. The cooking process is extremely simple and it needs very few ingredients! Here is my family recipe of Iilish/Hilsa Fish cooked in mustard sauce:


Iilish/Hilsa: 700gm

Mustard powder: 4 tablespoons

Mustard oil: to fry the fish

Onion seeds: 1 teaspoon

Green Chilli: 3 to 4 (slit or finely chopped)

Salt: according to taste


  1. Soak the mustard powder in water and little salt for an hour or so.
  2. Add little mustard oil to the paste and beat the mixture so that there are no lumps.
  3. Clean the fish and then add turmeric and salt to it and leave it for some time.
  4. Heat oil and add onion seeds and green chillies.
  5. When it becomes aromatic add the mustard paste and stir it for few minutes.
  6. Add a little water.
  7. Add turmeric powder and salt if needed.
  8. After the gravy thickens add fish, coat it with the gravy and cover it to cook completely. If you want you can slightly fry the fish before hand, I prefer using raw fish.
  9. Add one tablespoon of mustard oil and cover it again for a minute.
  10. Turn off the stove and serve the aromatic fish curry with rice.


I hope you find this recipe interesting. If you try it then please let me know. And what do you think of my today’s blog?? Eagerly waiting for your response in the comment section below!


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