PERFECT mornings!!!!!!!!! (4 min read)

Yesterday evening I came across a beautiful Youtube channel Pick up limes. If anyone reading this have come across the channel then please let me know what you think about it. I personally am overwhelmed to come across this channel. Sadia, the host, is so pretty and poised; her voice calm, and has the capability to effortlessly convince you to lead a healthy life. In one of her videos, she mentions that after leaving the bed in the morning one must spend some time with oneself. The mornings must not be rushed. Take notice of what is around you: what you see, feel, hear and even taste. Avoid any electronic devices, at least until breakfast. If possible get up a little early so that the mornings is not rushed.

I am deeply affected by her words! I decided that from today itself I am going to follow her words. I am a late riser and therefore my mornings are always rushed! Moreover, my morning means it’s evening in India and I need to call my parents before they have dinner. In order to stay ahead, I had prepared food the previous night. All seemed well. I got up, brushed my teeth and sat on the sofa trying to interact with the surrounding through my senses. The colours of spring and the chirping of birds, the warmth of the tea and the sweetness of the cookie. Why can’t every morning be so perfect??

PERFECT!!!! Damn those words! To expect that your day can be perfect is blasphemy!

After enjoying the warmth of my tea, I went to the kitchen to put the cup in the sink. Dishes needed to be done. The sink was overloaded. In the attempt to make some space for my beloved cup, I lost the balance and within a fraction of a second, the cup fell on the ground and…..shattered to pieces!!! In my vain attempt to save it, I got a prick from the shattered pieces!! A small prick, led to the oozing of blood!! My sensitive better half took over the charge of the kitchen for the rest of the day.

So much for a perfect morning, eh??


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