The book that petrified me!!!!!! (4 min read)

I was still feeling cold in the basement of the library. It was the special edition section, books are to be read on the spot not to be borrowed. It was a bad idea to vlog, I thought, especially in such extreme weather condition. The video didn’t turn out well and now I am shivering in cold! I looked at the skinny woman, deeply engrossed in searching the book I asked for. She is ideal for her job, calm, soft-spoken and careful in handling books. She is in heaven I thought. I looked around, the environment was calm. Few people were present in the room. A group was studying from an ancient book placed carefully on a stand, the ones we usually use for holy books, and why not, a library is no less than a holy place.

“Here’s your book”, the lady with the calm voice placed the book on the desk in front of me. I was petrified by its appearance! Well bound, shining cover, the jacket of the book highlighting the picture of a spectacled skinny boy, riding a broomstick: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.

I was amazed! I had waited so long to read this book and here it was, finally!! I was not so much excited while watching the movie or while visiting the Universal Studios, as I was today! I placed my hand on it, and with trembling fingers opened it.

No sooner did I open the book, I heard the theme music of Harry Potter movies, a subtle tingling music! What is that? I thought! My imagination can’t be wild to such an extent! I looked around and saw a young casual dressed girl turning her mobile phone off. She looked at me and mouthed the word, “Sorry”. I tilted my head to say “its ok”. I opened the book and begun reading silently, but I was highly amused at such an amazing coincidence!

Much time was lost In fulfilling the formality to gain permission to enter the special edition room and thus I couldn’t even reach half way through the book. I shall be visiting tomorrow again since I am hungry for more!

P.S.: What was your reaction when you came across Harry for the first time? Be it book or movie, share your reaction in the comment section below!!


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