The American dream!! ( 1 min read)

Today I had to cancel my library visit as one of my Indian neighbors wanted to visit my place in the afternoon. I couldn’t decline her, in fact, I didn’t want to decline her. I know that spending an entire day alone is difficult. Far away from home when you have no one to talk to, when the only person with whom you traveled this far is engrossed in work, when you know you can’t call your parents or friends because they are fast asleep by now, then the excitement of living “The American dream” takes a back seat. Loneliness slowly nibbles on your existence, and you realise that you are just like the bird who can’t take pride of its GOLDEN CAGE!!!

P.S: The post is not to encourage disappointment. Living under the H4 visa is difficult as it does not issue EAD ( equivalent to work permit) or Social Security Number for the spouse, thus they are unable to work or to take up any useful course. Especially in small towns, there isn’t much activity to take part in. H4  visa leads to depression for many, I shall request all my fellow expats to have patience, keep themselves engaged in what they love and spent some quality time with their husbands. Hold on to your faith and consider yourself blessed, because trust me, many people have much less!



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