What goes around comes around!! (4 min read)

Today Camille invited us to dinner. She is one of the two friends I have here in Lansing. Camille was not always my friend, she was actually one of the acquaintances of my better half. We became friends during the period when my better half was out of town to attend a conference and Camille agreed to sleepover at my place for those days. It is over those five days that we bonded. I am writing this not only to express my gratitude towards her but also because her warm gesture towards me has restored my faith in a high esteemed lesson preached by my mother.

A few years back when I was staying in the hostel, one of my seniors asked me to sleepover to her room as she was frightened to stay all alone in the ground floor. I did not dismiss her fear, for during the holidays when the hostel rooms are devoid of the chattering noise of girls, a creepy feeling is bound to make your hair stand on its ends! I agreed with her proposal and every night I used to carry my bedding from the third floor to the ground floor to accompany her. Many of the other hostelers were astonished at my gesture though they never discouraged me to help a fellow hosteler. Anyways, I had stretched out my hand to help without expecting any help in return. My mother always told me, “If you desire to help anyone, do it without anticipating anything in return. If your help is not a selfless one, it has no value. If the assistance doesn’t come from the same person, someone else would surely return the favour.” My hostel days are the ones I would cherish my entire life! I have some lovely memories with my best friend as well as the senior in whose room I spent many nights. I don’t know if she would have ever helped me in distress, I neither got the opportunity nor had the intention to test her. I was happy to help and nothing else mattered.

Anyways, after coming to Lansing, the situation turned around and I found myself in similar circumstances as my senior when my better half informed that he had to go for a conference for five days. I was under a panic attack. I am not used to sleeping alone in a room, let aside staying in alone in an apartment that too in an unknown neighbourhood of a foreign land! For the next few days, I cried every day either to convince him to postpone his conference or to prepare myself to combat my loneliness. Then relief came in the form of Camille. Learning about our situation she had agreed to sleepover at our place for those few days. We had a gala time during those nights. After she returned from work, we had dinner together and she chatted with me for hours despite being tired! She, for me, is a girl with a golden heart who relieved me from my frustration and, I again found value in my mother’s words, “……someone else would surely return the favour!!”

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