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Pushing myself!!!!!!!!!! (1min read)


I am a very lazy and disorganised person! No, I am serious! I never complete what I start, I have changed my career numerous times and have heaps of course materials and academic books in my possession! I am a woman in her late twenties without any career ambition!!! Therefore when I informed my mother that I am into booktubing, she didn’t seem to take much interest; perhaps dismissed it as my latest fantasy which again would be left unfinished. When I uploaded my first video I got loads of support from everybody; including my mother, who still believed it to be my fantasy and not passion. I don’t blame her, for I was inconsistent about my last venture that I considered passion: blogging. Although I started youtube, I am not posting regularly, not because of my irregular nature but because I am tired of leaving leftovers. To start something new I must take care of what is left behind. Take care and nurture it, not end it abruptly! I purposefully mentioned that I shall be posting every day on my blog, to push myself! I know I don’t get many readers on my blog but I also know that it is not easy to reach the heart of people. If you can’t reach their heart, don’t expect their time! And to gain their time and attention I must provide my love and hard work to this little venture of mine. Now when, on one hand, I am trying to reconstruct my crumbling blog, my latest venture demands my attention and equal hard work. I hope I shall be able to balance both. See you soon on my Youtube Channel. My channel awaits your love and subscription!

Love, M@dhu


1 thought on “Pushing myself!!!!!!!!!! (1min read)”

  1. Good luck with the YouTube challenge. I feel like that’s harder than posting a daily written blog. But if you can get your timing down, all is good.

    As for finishing what you’ve started… maybe look at it less as a linear passage of things, singularly at a time. Rather, a cylindrical approach to navigating balance in your life among a few happy hobbies and/or career options. Sometimes out of chaos comes brilliance.


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