10activiies that bring nothing but solace to your life! (3min read)

employee-satisfactionWhenever the question arises to help others we think “what’s in there for us?” When the question arises for hard work, we raise the question “what shall we gain by doing this?” Our life is bound by the “give and take” policy. How many times do we consider doing things not for gaining anything but solace for ourselves?  To engage in something for ourselves? In the rush of life, running after calculated benefits we often forget where our true pleasures lie. Today I am penning down 10 things you can do to gain nothing but satisfaction in your heart:

  1. Reading a book of your choice.
  2. Feeling the things around you; chairs, tables, bed, etc.
  3. Having a peaceful sleep.
  4. Enjoying your favourite delicacies.
  5. Sharing a laugh with someone special.
  6. Taking a walk and feel the natural environment.
  7. Taking a bath to feel refreshed.
  8. Spending some time alone to understand yourself and your desires.
  9. Going through old photographs and reminiscence the days of the past.
  10. Helping a living being without any intention of gaining anything in return.

I have started incorporating all these things in my life. It is not compulsory to engage in all these activities at once. They are supposed to bring pleasure to your life and not pressure. There are many things that can be incorporated into your daily life, which I too look forward to including in mine like exercising, keeping yourself hydrated, etc. But I didn’t mention them because to preach them I must practise them myself.

So, are any of the above-mentioned activities part of your life? How have they affected your lifestyle? Please mention in the comment section below.

That is all for today! I shall be seeing you again tomorrow.

Love, M@dhu.



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