Mackinac Island: Setting off on a long drive (1min read)

The Mackinac Bridge


The journey had started smoothly. I was planning to read a little during our long drive. I was flipping through the pages of Brida (Paulo Coelho), quite an intense read I must say, when all of a sudden I heard the tires screech. My better half had pressed the brakes hard to avoid collision with a huge wild stag that jumped over our car’s bonnet and in a fraction of second disappeared among the tall grasses! Spotting deer and stags in the outskirts of cities is quite common and is risky too! Coming across to the animal can not only cause serious injury to the animal but also cause damage to the vehicle. After the jolt and my mini excitement session, the journey resumed.

Now, Mackinac island is quite a popular destination for the tourists during the summer. Ideal for short trips on weekends. We started off expecting a bright and sunny weather but our drive was interrupted again by heavy rains. We waited for few minutes near the rest area hearing the loud drops battering against the windshield. We are quite used to the inaccurate weather forecast of Alipur weather department, but realizing that the weather department of USA could be unreliable was disheartening. We had almost traveled half way and the thought that the entire weekend would be a waste made us sad.  When the intensity of rain reduced we started off again; our energetic spirits crushed, hoping that the bright sunlight would embrace us on the other side of the bridge.

To Be Continued…


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