Mackinac Island (Part II) : Flying through the waters (5 min read)


The cruise to Mackinac Island


At the other end of the bridge, the rain had ceased. It was a relief and we were again gaining back our faith in the American meteorology. Though I had started off in a kurti, I had a jacket and a sweater as a backup. After the horrible experience in Paris (about which I shall write later) I never leave without my faithful jacket. The weather was quite chilly and thus my jacket came handy. The cruise was to arrive after 20 min so I had plenty time to change into jeans and jacket.

After we boarded the cruise, all three of us (my better half’s junior ‘R’ accompanied us) were brave enough to take seats on the upper deck. Now, one can be brave under two circumstances: one, not having the least idea about what is going to happen next and secondly to be courageous enough to face the dangers again. We belonged to the former category. The sky above us was covered with clouds, though the rain had stopped the Sun was yet to show its face.We looked at lake water below us, you could see the bed of stones quivering in the clear water. After the captain had made all the necessary safety announcements, the cruise set sail.

Journey on the waters brought back many memories, this was not my first cruise ride. We had boarded cruise during our trip to Interlaken. The memory of the mild cruise ride with all the beauty of the environment will always remain etched in my heart. And how can I forget the frequent boat ride to Belur Math from our very own Kuthighat!!

Entangled in the thoughts of sweet past, I was brought to my senses when I realised that the cruise had taken up immense speed. It was no long sailing but flying through the waters. All the passengers on the upper deck were almost frozen, the chill air stung the skins like needles. Most of the people left the upper deck and went downstairs. I along with our companion R also joined them. My better half decided to brave the chilly air for a little long since he wanted a good shot of the lighthouse the cruise was to cross soon.

The Lighthouse


People were far more relaxed on the lower deck. It was quite warm, the fathers were busy pointing seagulls to their children and mothers busy in fixing their upturned hair. I won’t lie, the swift-moving air had tangled my hair too, so I pulled out my hairbrush to fix it. After some time my better half arrived, quite steady and unaffected by the rough chilly air. He didn’t mind that his hair was all disorganised because he had managed to take a perfect shot of the lighthouse, and was quite glad about it. I handed him the brush to adjust his messy hair. Much time was not left now; soon the cruise would touch the harbour of the Mackinac Island.

To Be Continued…


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