Latika Sengupta #Worrior Woman

  This is a real life story and very close to my heart. Here 'Dida' (picture above) is my Father's Aunt. It has been almost half a decade that anyone has entered the room. Be it the dusty shelves or the rusty ceiling fan, everything still has a touch of care and affection. Dida has... Continue Reading →


Mackinac Island (part iii) Missing out joy :)

When was it? The first time I gave up on something? The feeling of fear and failure crept in? As far as I remember, it was in class 6. My mother had asked one of my cousins to teach me to ride a cycle. My elder sister could ride it smoothly and so did most... Continue Reading →

The American dream!! ( 1 min read)

Today I had to cancel my library visit as one of my Indian neighbors wanted to visit my place in the afternoon. I couldn't decline her, in fact, I didn't want to decline her. I know that spending an entire day alone is difficult. Far away from home when you have no one to talk to,... Continue Reading →

PERFECT mornings!!!!!!!!! (4 min read)

Yesterday evening I came across a beautiful Youtube channel Pick up limes. If anyone reading this have come across the channel then please let me know what you think about it. I personally am overwhelmed to come across this channel. Sadia, the host, is so pretty and poised; her voice calm, and has the capability... Continue Reading →

Poor India: Stereotyped Again!

Today, I came across a post on Facebook. It boasted of upholding the photographic representation of bedrooms around the world. Interesting as the name suggested, the photographs were vibrant and truly showcased talent. The illusion was shattered when I came across the photograph of an Indian bedroom: the picture was bland; no amount of editing... Continue Reading →

@facebook (post in bengali)

বিয়ের পর ল্যাপটপটা রেখে এসেছি মালদাতে। আমার প্রেম কাহিনী সার্থক হলেও লং-ডিসটেন্স রিলেসনশিপ পুরোপুরি মুছে যায়নি জীবন থেকে। আজও ঘুম থেকে উঠে এবং ঘুমোতে যাওয়ার আগে Skype খোলা বাদ্ধতামুলক। এখন যে মায়ের সাথে দেখা হওয়ার এটাই উপায়! Technology-তে পটু বরের সাথে লং-ডিসটেন্স বেশ আরাম করেই উৎরে গেছি.....কিন্তু এ তো মা! অফিস-এ কম্পিউটার স্ক্রিন-এর দিকে তাকিয়ে... Continue Reading →

All’s well that ends well :)

It all started yesterday evening when I found a tub of cottage cheese in my fridge. Throughout my life I was living in the illusion that cottage cheese is equivalent to ‘paneer’; I presume that is the case with most of the Indians. Anyway, so when I opened the tub, unlike the solid object we... Continue Reading →

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